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Work on Windows, Mac OS, and Online. Export and edit in  WordPress, Joomla, and HTML5.

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Intuitive drag-and-drop builder for websites and themes to implement any ideas into reality

Modern Web Design Trends

You can learn about how to design the trendiest websites and themes that will look perfect on any modern device. 

Everything You Need To Become a Web Designer

8500+ Page and Block Designs

Select from a huge variety of designer-made templates.


Customize anything on your website with simple dragging.

No Need To Code

Add, move, modify  image and text visually without coding!

Fully Responsive

Design websites and themes looking perfect on any device.

Start With 9000+ Beautiful Web Templates

6500+ free html templates

Design Responsive Websites and Themes

Build web pages and templates that look great on any device view, mobile-friendly and fully customizable

Perfect Results On Any Device

Anyone can use Nicepage, a web design novice or web professional. It is very intuitive and easy to use. And what I like the most. No need to code at all.

Alaina Walter

Website Owner

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